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Antodote on Archive shop?!

Today, as I was surfing on stardoll(^^) I saw a guestbook message at my suite, by the beautiful member, and most active reader of our blog, PinkSantal or Mariaaa as a follower.
She told me to check out this:
OMG! An antodote dress on the archive shop!!
And cost only 16 stardollars!

This thing is so unfair for the girls who had bought it when it was on sale on antidote (probably had paid much more stardollars) but very nice for all the members who hadn't get it then, because of limited pieces.

Are you going to buy it?
Do you already have it?
Waiiting your comments!
(Thanks again to PinkSantal)


  1. Your welcome!! :D
    I really love this blog so that's why I wanted you to know about this great offer! (And yes,I actually buy it and it is awesome and so cheap!:) )

  2. Anonymous10/07/2011

    OMg! Was this really in the antidote shop in the past??