Our sweet followers :] Goal: 300!


Free Things!

Free top:
2) In the blank URL bar enter this: stardoll.com and click go/hit enter.
3) Log in to your stardoll account
4) Paste this to the proxy's URL bar: www.stardoll.com/es/contest/finish.php?id=1638
5) Go to normal stardoll, and check your wordrobe room!

Free Pants - only for superstars!
1) Go to http://brazilunblock.info/ or any other brazilian proxy.
2) In the blank url bar, enter stardoll.com and click go/ hit enter.
3) Log in yout stardoll account.
4) Paste this to the proxy's URL bar:
5) Log in stardoll as usual and go to check your wordrobe room! :)

Hope you liked 'em! See you soon! 

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