Our sweet followers :] Goal: 300!



That's where we are now. We closed. Sorry for the active writers, sorry for the active readers.

I just realised that there were too less people caring, so the crew of this blog will change complitely. 

We need new writers. 
All jobs are available.
Except kkrrbb78's job - makeovers, and B.E.P.Fan_4ever's job - hotbuys
because kkrrbb78 was the only one who told me she couldn't write because she was busy and B.E.P.Fan_4ever was the only one writing all the summer.

If any of the other writers wants to stay, but she will have to write weekly, comment here telling "i want to keep my job as a..."

And now for the new writers!

Apply as a writer by commenting this post. You must include:

Your stardoll username:

Your real name:

Your age:

JOB you would like to do:

Experience: (I want the link of a random post of you, or tell me if you are writer or owner of any blogs)

Hours online daily:

Anything else important:

thank you. The owner, Christine.


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  2. Hello Christine! :D

    Your stardoll username: FashionPennyFun

    Your real name: Penny

    Your age: 12

    JOB you would like to do: I can do everything! No problem! Except spoilers

    Experience: Well, I have experience! I have worked in many blogs. :) Also, I have a blog called: greek-stardoll-news.blogspot.com. Some blogs that I have worked; greek-stardoll-news.blogspot.com, stardollingreece.blogspot.com, sdingreece.blogspot.com, sdsociety.blogspot.com, blah-blah-blah.blogspot.com, antonia112miss-freeitemsonstardoll.blogspot.com, greek-stardoll-news.blogspot.com, rouxakiakaipragmatakiadwrean.blogspot.com and others ;]

    Hours online daily: Many hours! I spend a lot of time, ‘cause I want my articles to be perfect! :)


    Penny :D

  3. Hiya Christine!

    Your stardoll username: Halobecky

    Your real name: Becky Rose

    Your age: 15

    JOB you would like to do: I can do anything, i would love to do new stardoll shops though

    Experience: I own stardollsecrets-halobecky.blogspot.com but we are closing it down because i don't want it any more. I also own beckystardollgraphics.blogspot.com which is where i do graphics for other people. I help out with theuglysideofstardoll.blogspot.com by giving them pictures of incidents.

    Hours online daily: Stardoll/blogging is my relief from my busy lifestyle. I spend at least 2 if not 3 hours every day because i enjoy it so much


    becky :)

  4. I'm soooooooo sorry for not being active these days. Thank you for help me keep my job! I promise I won't fail you!