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Blog Closed

That's where we are now. We closed. Sorry for the active writers, sorry for the active readers.

I just realised that there were too less people caring, so the crew of this blog will change complitely. 

We need new writers. 
All jobs are available.
Except kkrrbb78's job - makeovers, and B.E.P.Fan_4ever's job - hotbuys
because kkrrbb78 was the only one who told me she couldn't write because she was busy and B.E.P.Fan_4ever was the only one writing all the summer.

If any of the other writers wants to stay, but she will have to write weekly, comment here telling "i want to keep my job as a..."

And now for the new writers!

Apply as a writer by commenting this post. You must include:

Your stardoll username:

Your real name:

Your age:

JOB you would like to do:

Experience: (I want the link of a random post of you, or tell me if you are writer or owner of any blogs)

Hours online daily:

Anything else important:

thank you. The owner, Christine.


  1. helloo...i would like to apply my self as worker in ur amazing blog...
    my doll's name is MissWhatever0o
    my real name : judy
    am 14
    i would like to post about anything u want me to be...coz i think that all the tasks here fits too me...and i will really be glad if i worked with u ...and i dont want this blog to be closed its sooo amazing..plz reply on my guestbook in stardoll...thx ..

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  3. Hello!! I want to apply for the new positions of writers in this blog!!
    Stardoll username: PinkSantal
    Real name: Maria
    Age: 15
    JOB I would like to do: I could write about free stuff or for the new dolls.I would love to write about new shops that come out or just writing about LE, DKNY, ELLE or Antidote collections.I have so many ideas!I would love to write whatever about stardoll:)
    Experience: I do not know if it counts but last year I was writing to my school newspaper and I really love the idea of writing in this blog!!
    Hours online daily: I am 2 up to 4 hours online xD (i have a lot of free time!)
    Anything else important:I am from Greece so I could translate the articles to Greek if anyone don't understand English and also I just pass my FCE (Lower) exams so I know pretty good English!

    I hope I can be part of this amazing blog!
    Thanks for you time! :D

  4. Anonymous9/21/2011

    Hiyaa! :D i'd like to write for this blog! :D

    Stardoll Username: Cherrypie_kiss

    My Real Name: June

    Age: 14

    Job i'd like: Anything to do with fashion items, New shops, Free stuff, contests, Cool styles on people's medoll's, whatever really!

    Experience: Well, i've worked with a local newspaper, but i'd love to try a blog. I've got my own tumblr, been working on it for around 2 months, and it's going great! And i'm writing a story in Twilight Club, and it's kinda populare (i like to think)
    ^^That's the link, hope u like it!

    Hours online: I'm online EVERYDAY, like 1-5 hours even, if it doesn't crash with my hobbies.

    Anything else: I'm fluent in English AND swedish, but i understand Finnish too! I'm a very happy person, and i've got kinda high grades and umm... yeah, that's it! Hope to see you soon!
    June / Cherrypie_kiss

  5. Your stardoll username:seila1986

    Your real name:androniki

    Your age:12

    JOB you would like to do:I wanna write about Hotbuys and I wanna make makeuo toturials

    Experience:Be fore I wrote at Stardoll in glam the owner named billid
    Hours online daily:3

    Anything else important:I am good writer

  6. stardoll username: Depi2
    real name: Despina
    Job I'd like to do:Fashion tips and fashion tutorials,makeovers and comps..
    Experiense:Im writing at hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com and I used to write at theblogaboutstardoll.blogspot.com
    Hours online:It depends..for example in weekends im online for about 2 hours but the other days im usually online less time caz im busy..but i log in at stardoll every day..

  7. Your stardoll username : anula4kate12

    Your real name:Anna

    Your age:15

    JOB you would like to do:I would like to write about free stuff

    Experience: (I want the link of a random post of you, or tell me if you are writer or owner of any blogs)I am writer on SDBusiness

    Hours online daily:Night time from 6-9

    Anything else important:I can write only on Saturdays and Sundays from 6 to 9 and from Monday to Friday i can write from 7:30 to 9.