Our sweet followers :] Goal: 300!


WE ARE 100!!!

And Yes! We finally reached 100 followers!! :D Thank you all for this! So to celebrate this we will have:

  • New competition as a reward of reaching 100 followers!
  • Soon there will be: top commentator (the one who will have commented more every two months will get ss gift or starcoins or even stardollars! )
  • 50 starcoins given to a lucky commentator of this post! ;)
  • Surprises Coming Soon ;)
Thanks everyone for everything! Love you all! Oh and for the writers: Tomorrow I am deleting, sorry for everyone, but I have no other choice!


  1. Finally! We reached 100 followers! Good job guys!

  2. youpi!!!!! teleia!!!! makari na ixa ki ego blog!!!