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Important Post, read.

Hello everyone. I have to say I am really disappointed. Very few writers are active. So a blog, with only the hotbuys & fashion news, is really boring, talking like a reader. 

Solutions to our problems:
  1. Every writer that it's not active for one week without telling me, will be out.
  2. New writers should be hired.
  3. New ideas should be found.

What to do?

  1.  So, for the writers, be active please. From Monday I will delete ALL the writers who haven't written for a week. I don't have problem with any of you, and i don't wanna be the "bad guy", really. Just think about it. You have for example to write about, free things, and you don't do it. But an other girl or boy would write for it every time she/he finds something  new. Should I keep you or the other one? I think all of you know the answer.. :/
  2. For people interested in being a writer, free jobs are:

  • Spoilers time
  • Nice suites
  • Real life versions
  • Interviews
  • Competitions
  • Outfits for ss and non.
  • Look-a-likes with popular people (on outfits not makeup)
  • Be creative and think a job with your own mind ;) 
Remember! our blog is not only for stardoll! we have and different things like fashion news:)

Writers who should be more active
  • New superstar doll's writer
  • Free things' writer
  • News of stardoll ( new cg e.t.c.) writer
  • New shops of Stardoll

But all the writers should be more active.

3.  Any new idea for our blog? Write it down!

To sum up you can simply apply as a writer by writing in comments:

My nickname on stardoll:  Example
My real name: Example 1
My age: Example 2
Hours online:  3 hours a day
Experience: owner of example.blogspot.com & writer on example2/blogspot.com
JOB I WOULD LIKE TO DO: writing about ...
Anything important you think you should mention:

Waiting your apply. Thanks for reading. Kisses and thanks to everyone who reads our blog.

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  1. MusicGirl505
    12 hours a day
    None in English blogs
    Outfits of the week ; How to wear...
    Im devoted to my work :)