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Hi girls!!!:D  
The new SS doll is .............Edita Abdieski.
Here is some info for her!!!!:D
Edita Abdieski (born November 14, 1984) is a Swiss pop singer. She rose to fame during the debut series of the German X Factor show, which she won in November 2010.Abdieski is the eldest child born to a Macedonian Albanian father and a Montenegrin Albanianmother. Raised in a Muslim home alongside three younger siblings, she spent much of her childhood in the Bern borough of Bümpliz-Oberbottigen, where she was enrolled at primary and secondary school. Her father died of cancer in 1992. At eleven, Abdieski became part of her first school band and by the age of thirteen, she began writing songs. After leaving school, she was trained as qualified office employee, but as she hoped to embark on a professional singing career, Abdieski enrolled at the Swiss Musical Academy in Bern — much against the wishes of her mother, who was sceptical about her daughter's ambition, prompting Abdieski to leave home and move into a girls' flat-sharing community in 2002. To fund her academical training, she was forced to take four side jobs at times.
Here are some her photos:


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