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starcoins?! Get them out of our stardoll!

Hey everyone! Well, I am really angry with what's happening on stardoll! They added starcoins instead of play & earn!
This thing is very unfair! They let us earn only 40 starcoins per a day, which equals with 4 stardollars, not 5 as we used to get with play & earn!!! Because 1 stardollar = 10 starcoins! 
Everything is very expensive here":
We have to do something!! So everyone!! Start sending messages to stardoll to stop this thing! It's the only way to get the stardoll back as usual! We want it to be better not worse than it was! We accepted at last the new stardoll (most of us wanted the previous) now we want accept this! It's too much!!! 

You can go here to send an email to stardoll! Hurry before it's too late! WE WANT OUR STARDOLL BACK!!!

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