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Pet a Porter Kittens grew up!

Hey everyone! How are  you? woohoo today I am really happy that our blog is finally active! (: I came here cause I noticed a small change... Remember the sweet little kittens we had bought for 100 stardollars each?
And then they grew up?
Now the have grown up again!!
I don't think they look so sweet as they did before.. But it's ok, I love my cat however she looks, I have to love her after paying 100 stardollars for her.. xD My cat is the rightest, the black-grey-brown-white one, who is soooo tall now!! 

Do you own any of them?
Do you like them now or before?
Waiting to see your comments! 

I also wanted to mention that from now I will put top commentators. Every 2 months I will give a small price of stardollars or starcoins to the top commentator (:

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  1. im not a big fan of cats / kittens but they are soo cute x