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Some cute eyeshadow(:

Hey everyone! It's kkrrbb78, and I have a makeup tutorial for you! I hope you enjoy, and send me some pics of your doll with this makeup on! (: Enjoy!

Hey everyone, sorry i haven't posted, I've been at my grandparents house, and they're computer is so exasperating...Anyways, I thought I would give you all some tips with smokey eyes on Stardoll. Well, what are they? You'll probably know when I say white and black. One of the most hottest trends on stardoll.

Smokey Eyes Example..

You know what i'm talking about now, hmm? Well, I assume so, but anyways, I see this on stardoll TOO MUCH. I would say about 1/3 of the stardoll population knows about this, or is wearing black and white smokey eyes right now.

Let's avoid that, and stand out!
Try doing this instead..



  1. Anonymous5/26/2011

    this is so good and to be honest i have the black and white smoky eyes on my medoll now ! love it