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Omg guys i am so sorry for not posting in ages! Life has just been major busy right now. What with the trips we had at school and the exams!
But now it's the two week holiday! So i will (hopefully) be posting more!

Anyway,there's been more hacking lately.Of you are not aware of this then the hacker is very clever or your very stupid. No offence.
I noticed that the hackers are getting clever because before they hack their victim,they "stalk" them.They learn their writing style,they get up close and personal and are probably a close friend of the victim.They probably know enough about their "victim" to answer hella lot of questions.

So,i advise you to be very careful.Your friend could be hacked.So every now and again ask them questions about yours or their secrets.

Sorry for this short post but i'm away out on a family trip >:(
If i figure out how to get blogger on my Blackberry i will post again soon.


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