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Intro & March Hot buys

Hello everyone, I am a new writer here at stardoll for cool girls. and i am realy happy to be here.
And for all of you that want to know me! here is a little bit about myself:

My name is amanda but people know me from my stardoll name Amandaapje. I am 20 years old and i am from the netherlands. I love to go to greece, I also know a few greek words.

Gia sou, Ti Kanis?

Anyway i will be writing about Hot Buys and stuff so here are the Hot Buys for March :D

Enjoy  xoxo

Hotbuys Vest -RIO -March 1st
Hotbuys Shoes -RIO - March 3rd
Hotbuys Feather -Fudge - March 5th
Hotbuys Dress- Fudge - March 8th
Hotbuys Star Tie -Evil Panda- March 11th
Hotbuys Blouse -Pretty In Pink - March 15th
Hotbuys Bag- Fudge - March 17th
Hotbuys Stud Dress -Fallen Angel  - March 20th
Hotbuys Sweater- Fudge - March 22nd
Hotbuys Flash Skirt- Evil Panda -March 29th

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