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News for our blog :)

Hello all! :) I am very happy today, cauze I noticed we are 21! :) And more followers = more fun!! :P I wanna point out that, cuz of we have many applies for writers, you will have to think for what you want to write! But remember that freebies are taken ( from me) so you cannot write for it, I am sorry! Some girls, have very impressive ideas for their jobs, for example a girl ( I can't tell her name) told me she could make for us comps, with prices :) That's a nice idea for example and I wanna tell her that she will 99% be a writer at our blog! :) Also, a girl who has brought to us many followers can win prices and can also win a place at our writers! Pay attention to something: If you are a writer, and you aren't active for more than 1,5 month or you make mean comments & posts you will be out. Thank you for your attention and I hope you will take into account all these things! :D
   Christine/ demi_lovanto_2

p.s. New banners for me & writers, new banner for the whole blog coming soon! 

p.s.2 The writers will be announced soon, as I will make banners onlr for the new writers and me (and whole blog also) ;)

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