Our sweet followers :] Goal: 300!



Hello again! How are you? :) Hope you are nice! Well as you see now we have 2 comps:

  1. Win a secret price ( but be sure it is amazing ;P I have seen it) contest ( by Belle45076 )
  2. Win 50 $ and more by inviting people to follow us (by Me/ DEMI_LOVANTO_2)
If you are interest in the 1st comp you have to invite people to join us and then tell them to write down their name and your name like:
"I am Christine/ DEMI_LOVANTO_2 and I was invited by Sharpay-4ever :P"
If you want to join the 2nd comp you have to go at this post by clicking here and do what the posts says! :)

So Hurry up! :D

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