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Hey :) I have a few things to say.First,i done a makeover and i wouldd really like you to see it :) I wrote what you need for the look on the picture.
Here it is...
This look is a superstar look but it's very pretty and i rather like it :) The m.odel is Demi_Lovanto_2 and to get to her suite,click here.She's a really nice girl and is a great friend to have :) 

And the other thing i want to talk about !
Lady Gaga's new look.
(okay i know celebrities isn't my subject but i shall post on Lady Gaga as she has inspired me so much)
Now,I don't know what you guys think but i think Lady Gaga's new look is quite scary.It looks painful as well.Her new
Guys i'm sorry this isn't the official video but i looked and looked and i couldn't find one.I guess they haven't made one for it? And i'm sorry if this is a bit....fucked up(pardon my language) because i was unable to listen to it through youtube as my youtube was...broken.
Anyway,hope you like it :)

That's all for tonight...
keep jolly my dollies :)

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